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17 Jan, 2023

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Kitronic reduced its Cost per Purchase by 70% on Tiktok retargeting campaigns.

Value-based optimization instead of conversion optimization of the TikTok retargeting campaigns made a major difference on their CPA.

Kitronic is a KSA based company that specializes in consumer electronics and other home essentials. Their mission is to inspire and engage people by providing the latest in entertainment, electronics, and creative ideas.

Kitronic is part of Acquisit’s portfolio of clients and has been working with our team since July 2022.

Together we achieved spectacular growth by broadening the scope of their advertising. We have added multiple channels to the strategy, which helped them improve their acquisition strategy. Hours of work were also placed on analyzing and optimizing the content side of the operations to better appeal to the TikTok user. Success in this regard was essential in reaping the potential returns on investment available on TikTok.

We have a full-funnel strategy on Tiktok. Our Awareness and Retargeting campaigns serve different purposes but ultimately work together to drive sales.
We worked together with Tiktok to provide you with a case study on our retargeting campaign optimization for Kitronic.

See how Kitronic reduced its CPA on Tiktok by 70%
Written by: Marie Franchaud

Case study

Written by: Marie Franchaud

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