Data Science Customer Analytics Segmentation

Customer Analytics & Segmentation

Acquisit designs and deploys data science algorithms to segment your customers and prospects in coherent groups by identifying patterns in customer behavior. We predict spending potential and estimate lifetime value. These methodologies feed our acquisition and loyalty strategies.

Data Science Product Analytics

Product Analytics

By leveraging your product and transactional data, we optimize your inventory and stock management while enhancing cross-selling and upselling on your website through product recommendation algorithms.

Data Science Forecasting Predictive Analytics

Forecasting & Predictive Analytics

We help marketers use advanced statistics and machine learning algorithms to predict key moments and metrics to help you forecast and anticipate channels and messages to activate. We cover lifetime value analysis, estimated time of repurchase, churn detection and potential scoring.

Data Science Scoring Decision Making Tools

Scoring & Decision Making Tools

We build statistical backed scores based on your data & third party data to help you make better decisions. These scores are used to monitor key health factors of your KPIs, and help predict the dynamics of your business.

Data Science Churn Prevention

Churn Prevention

We use your historical data to understand the key trends, and the main triggers of churn. This enables us to detect early warning signs of clients churning and deploy the right communications & messaging to prevent the client from churning.

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