Web Aanalytics Digital Marketing Analytics

Digital Marketing Analytics

The main goal of Digital Marketing Analytics is using the web analytics tools to evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns, by providing a ROI/Value of each of the marketing activities. We help companies leverage Digital Marketing Analytics to learn user behaviors and improve website performance.

Web Analytics Tag Management

Tag Management

Tag Management allows for an efficient data collection and organisation process which help companies collect high quality data. We work closely with the Tech Leads and Digital Managers to build a tag management system that works for the long term.

Web Analytics App Analytics

App Analytics

Achieving your growth goals starts with understanding your users. We help companies grow their Monthly Active Users by implementing third party tools such as Brand, Adjust, Firebase and AppsFlyer.

Web Analytics Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation

The analysis of data is crucial to optimize the strategic decision-making of digital marketing campaigns. As a result, Custom reports are a powerful tool to organize the data according to its needs. We provide our clients with Dashboards that help visualize the data collected from the Data Management Platforms (Google Analytics, Adjust, Mixpanel).

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