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Marketplace Account Management

We’ll launch your brand on Amazon or other marketplaces. For businesses already present on marketplaces we will start by auditing your existing set up and optimize your product listings, content, and handle your PPC advertising campaign.


Listing & cataloging

Ensuring accurate and optimized listings and cataloging is essential for sellers. We offer professional services to help businesses of all sizes improve their discoverability and sales on marketplaces. We work with our clients to optimize their product titles, descriptions, images, and accurately categorize their products.


Content Audit & Amazon SEO

Having great content is crucial to succeed on Marketplaces as competition is high. Product pages are at the heart of your content strategy : just as you wouldn’t buy a product in a physical store without sufficient information, the same principle applies online. We will also optimize them to effectively leverage Amazon SEO strategies and ensure maximized visibility.


PPC advertising

PPC Advertising is a valuable tool for businesses looking to increase visibility, ranking and sales on marketplaces like Amazon and Noon. We create and manage PPC campaigns, optimizing products, keywords and bids to improve visibility and increase sales over time.

Why grow with Acquisit
We transform…

Trust into results

We challenge what’s out there and take a fundamentally different approach.

Thinking into Movement

We are our partners’ right hand. We fuel innovation and take them to the next level.

Data into Action

We use the closest thing to magic we have in our world – data. We analyze the entire pipeline – from the smallest data point to complex marketing campaigns.

The Industry

We want to unlock the best the MENA region has to offer.
Other services

Other services we provide

We deliver growth through Traffic Generation, Conversion Rate and Lifetime Value Optimisation

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