Acquisit owes its success to its people. Intellect, agility, diligence are prerequisites, but the magic happens when these people work together towards a common goal. This is how we go from good to great!

Tim & Edouard

Who are we?

We are as agile as a start up but we wield the wisdom of a successful and grounded business. We are able to adapt to any client, take on the biggest challenges displaying the agility of a boutique business whilst creating the impact of an established firm!

Acquisit has the technical knowledge and expertise to support our eCommerce business. They also keep up to date with the newest innovations in digital marketing, and apply the most advanced methods. Most importantly, they have never let us down and have always delivered their best.

Ibrahim Farah, Ecommerce manager, Kiehl's

Acquisit is one of Meta’s partners since day 1. They are very data and performance driven and care for their clients’ growth and one of the remarkable performance agencies of the MENA region.

Mouna Oumaarir, Agency Partner, Meta

Meet the team

What sets us apart

We embody and live what we stand for.

We play to win

We enter every project as challenge to master.

We never stop learning

Continuous training keeps us humble and ahead of the curve.

We are doers

100% of winners have tested and iterated.

We value relationships

Human connection drives success.

Benefits of joining us

The main benefit is the journey we do together where everyone’s growing from employees to founders alike

Very comprehensive health plan

Up to 25 days
annual leave

Bonus directly indexed on the team performance

Join us

Open positions

We’re always on the look out for talent. We have the following positions open.

Business Expansion Manager


CRM Analyst


Digital Specialist


Digital Analyst


Digital Strategist


Web Analytics Analyst