Areas of expertise

CRM Audit & Strategy

We begin with understanding your Needs & Objectives, followed by detailed User Journey Mapping and Data Mapping. Finally, we present tailored CRM recommendations to propel your business forward.


Data Integration

Regarding Data Integration, we focus on meticulous Field Mapping and precise Data Formatting. Our services include seamless API Integration Support, compatibility with 3rd Party Apps, and efficient Manual Import capabilities.


CRM Setup

Our CRM Setup covers General Settings configuration, precise Database Segmentation, and seamless Channels Connection. Additionally, we specialize in Pipelines Creation, Journey/Workflow Creation, and Internal and Marketing Automations to streamline your operations effectively.


Always-On Management

Our continuous CRM management service includes comprehensive CRM Training alongside monitoring & analysis services.

Our expertise extends to CRM Processes Optimization, CRM Features Activation, and customized Reports & Dashboards to ensure continuous enhancement of your CRM strategy.


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Why grow with Acquisit
We transform…

Trust into results

We challenge what’s out there and take a fundamentally different approach.

Thinking into Movement

We are our partners’ right hand. We fuel innovation and take them to the next level.

Data into Action

We use the closest thing to magic we have in our world – data. We analyze the entire pipeline – from the smallest data point to complex marketing campaigns.

The Industry

We want to unlock the best the MENA region has to offer.
Other services

Other services we provide

We deliver growth through Traffic Generation, Conversion Rate and Lifetime Value Optimisation

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