Revibe, an e-commerce store specializing in refurbished electronics, partnered with Acquisit to expand into KSA only three months after launching the company. 

To prepare for a successful launch in KSA, we outlined four fundamental objectives that laid the foundation for Revibe’s market expansion strategy: 

To support Revibe’s expansion efforts, Acquisit provided strategic and tactical assistance, building a comprehensive strategy around several key pillars:

1. Bottom-Up Funnel Strategy:

Our strategy encompassed a blend of push and pull marketing tactics, focusing on driving conversions from Day 1. We strategically distributed our media investments across various social media platforms focusing on readily convertible audiences. We included Meta, Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok, as well as search engines like Google Search and Performance Max campaigns. The budget allocation was carefully tailored to prioritize platforms that resonate with the unique preferences and habits of the Saudi consumer, ensuring a more targeted and effective marketing approach.

2. Content localization:

We conducted extensive keyword research to identify the best terms that were not only effective in conversion but also familiar to the target market. 

We prioritized being as regionally relevant as possible by using the appropriate Arabic dialect or local content creators and influencers when possible. 

3. Customer behavior analysis & Measurement:

When Revibe launched their website in KSA they were facing a specific challenge: they were receiving a very high number of unqualified orders stemming from the cash on delivery (COD) payment method, which is common in the GCC region. Customers often reject deliveries, leading to high return rates. 

On average, COD accounted for 60% of monthly orders. This high proportion inadvertently influenced Google Ads’ Smart Bidding strategy, specifically the Target Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), leading to optimization towards these, resulting in even more spam orders and an increased return rate.

To rectify this issue without removing the COD payment method, Acquisit concentrated on refining the integration between the website and the ad platforms. The goal was to prevent the transmission of positive feedback to the advertising algorithms for conversions that were not qualified, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts. 

This tactic ensured that these conversions were not considered by the platforms’ Smart bidding strategies, allowing campaigns to prioritize higher basket values, particularly non-COD orders. 

Consequently, the share of COD purchases dropped significantly to only 24% of confirmed transactions.

Measuring Campaign Success and Impact

We started seeing very positive signs from our KSA campaigns only a few weeks after we started collaborating with a very positive return on ad spend. However the impact on Revibe’s business didn’t stop there, we’ve been able to deliver tangible and durable impact on the client’s business noting a 43% reduction in CAC between February & September 2023.