How Acquisit helped Concepts gain a digital footprint in the e-commerce space
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What is Concepts?

Concept’s is at its core, a brick and mortar store based in City Walk in the UAE. They focus on
iconic sneakers and streetwear brands like Nike, Stussy, and the very well-known Yeezy brand
founded by Kanye West.


Small digital footprint, too reliant on physical in-store sales.

Concept’s real challenge was the fact that seasonality played, and still plays a massive role in the sales performance of their physical store located in City Walk, the summer season creates a massive challenge in terms of foot traffic. On top of that COVID 19 made this challenge even more complex and accelerated the need for a fully fledged e-commerce strategy.

With a significant part of their sales being dedicated to “heat releases” and not the bulk of their
day to day products, the second challenge was to ensure sustainable sales of “non- heat”

Heat releases are products that are seen as “special” or exclusive, these products get released on certain days in bulk, they sell out in literally seconds!

The problem concepts faced was rather unique, on-top of that, time was of the essence and we needed to act quickly to ensure Concepts were able to weather the COVID storm

Heat releases are products that are seen as “special”


Jean expressed the need for pivoting to online sales with a strong focus on a more even distribution between heat and non-heat products, to ensure less dependency on heat selections.

Acquisit team assigned to the project:

Valerie – Digital Strategist
Marie – Digital Analyst
Muhaib – Digital Campaign Manager

We deployed experts in growth, digital analysis, and performance marketing, to ensure we cover
all bases and Concepts can grow as fast as possible in the e-commerce space.

Separate heat & non-heat products

This was of vital importance to ensure we look at the data of these sales separately. Up to this point heat and non-heat products were all lumped together.

Analytics dashboard visualizing the sales of heat and non-heat products separately.
Given the quick pivot to online and the desire and need to not be so dependent on heat releases,
we advised to split these products from the start and look at them in isolation from each other.

Muhaib – Digital Campaign Manager

Cluster non-heat products

The next step was to ensure our performance marketing campaigns were targeted from a price point and value perspective to maximize the chances of sustainable sales of non-heat products.

Valerie - Digital Strategist

We created 3 main groups of products related to how expensive they are:

Deploy data-driven analytics

With proper dashboards in place, Concepts now had the ability to follow pre-defined metrics and KPIs, in real time.

The dashboards showed the performance of all digital marketing campaigns dedicated to non heat and heat products, separately.

Jean – Managing Director of Concepts Middle East


The collaborative nature of Acquisit and Concepts way of working, our strong technical knowledge, as well as experience in working in complex markets, rendered the following results:

  • 4 x Increase in the number of monthly online orders after 6 months of working together
  • 7 x Increase in average monthly revenue after 2 years of collaboration.
  • 1 single point of truth where various members of the business have access to all the numbers, full clarity of all activations as well as sales numbers for heat and non-heat
    products separately;
  • Weekly meeting rhythms to share insights and take them forward into the business; The launch of the KSA arm of Concepts.


Performance Marketing

Table of content

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