Master product launches like Noha Nabil Beauty

Master product launches like Noha Nabil Beauty
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Noha Nabil Beauty is a cosmetic brand created by Noha, a Kuwaiti mega influencer and beauty guru. She created her brand to give back to her community by specifically catering to Arab Women’s needs in terms of makeup.

She encourages Arab women to put forward their nuances and tell their one of-a-kind stories through the artistry of makeup and expression. Noha’s makeup line is infused with her deep appreciation for beauty & diversity in Arab culture. She has crafted a special collection accessible for any woman to achieve the most beautiful results effortlessly.

Noha Nabil Beauty launched in 2021 in physical stores and online with a Direct to Consumers (DtoC) website. The diversity of channels and brands makes the beauty industry particularly hard to penetrate, with brick & mortar shops, well-established international brands & their DtoC, Amazon & Noon, but also a range of “Arabic” brands offering specific products as well.

Noha Nabil Beauty’s strength initially came from her strong community as she is recognized as very knowledgeable on Arabic women’s skincare. It has been a strong differentiating factor and allowed the brand to find its place on the market.

The brand launched with a very limited product range, focusing on high quality & design, and has been releasing new products regularly ever since, acquiring some valuable knowledge in regards to product launches.

Each product launch has been approached by Noha Nabil Beauty & Acquisit with a dedicated digital strategy, that is fine-tuned each time to take advantage of the learnings from the previous launch.

Our campaigns focus on the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and therefore mainly focus on Snapchat ads. This test & learn approach enabled us to achieve amazing progress and multiply by 2 the volume of transactions following the launch.

The First Product Launch

When Acquisit started working with Noha Nabil Beauty, their Icy Primer was about to launch, and it was right on time for peak eCommerce season (October 2021).

We teased the product launch 1 week before its release. Using dedicated assets in Social, in our awareness campaigns, ie: on Meta & Snapchat platforms targeting a combination of lookalikes and interest audience gathering interests around beauty & cosmetics.

When the release date came, we included new assets on the primer in our always-on-acquisition campaigns and the product went live on the brand’s website.

Disclosing more information about the product was a turning point

The brand starts teasing its community up to 4 weeks before the launch. They have tested different combinations of product disclosure for each launch:

  • Teasing a “secret product” & having it revealed only on the release date.
  • Starting communicating a “secret product” and progressively disclosing it, building up the level of information shared until the release date.
  • Communicating openly about the new product from the start.

Finally, in between the different launches, the most successful strategy was to give full visibility on the product, as it helps get the audience’s attention and build excitement & impatience around it. Acquisit supports this phase in paid social with a dedicated strategy, starting 10 days from the Launch. We run awareness campaigns on broad prospecting audiences (with relevant interests), remarketing, and retention of audiences with dedicated assets. This allows the brand to create buzz around their future product and expand their audience as well as ensure the previous customers get alerted.

Building specific landing pages focusing only on the product launching enabled multiple improvements:

In the latest launches, we tested having designated landing pages to introduce the new product before it is launched and it drastically helped our campaigns. This page would have product information and an email form. This had multiple benefits:

  • The brand community would get additional information about the product, building excitement and allowing them to make early purchase decisions.
  • They would also be able to give their emails to get notified once the product goes live, and be sure not to miss the drop.
  • Having a dedicated landing page allowed us to switch our awareness campaign objective from reach to traffic event optimization. Giving the algorithm a harder goal to achieve gives it the signal that we want a higher engaging and qualified audience, which ultimately results in better targeting.

The teasing phase tactics paved the way for better-performing acquisition campaigns

  1. Our awareness phase built a solid audience that we then use to grow the new product transactions.
  2. Our remarketing audiences are refreshed by the new traffic that has been brought to the website.
  3. Emails gathered on the lead generation page create an additional seed audience for our lookalikes campaigns.

We can now integrate the new product into our always-on conversion campaigns. Including previous purchasers in our targeting dramatically increased the returning customers:

We tested including our retention audiences in our Acquisition strategy for the first 2 weeks of a new product being live and had great results. Indeed, existing customers could be interested in buying the newest addition to our range.

They are also potential brand ambassadors who could recommend our products to their friends & family, making them a key audience to include. However, it’s important to not run ads on this audience for more than 2 weeks, as it progressively grows to become people that have already bought your new product.


Looking back at this journey to master product launches with Noha Nabil Beauty, we’d like to mention that the main enabler to our iterative approach is the proper measurement of all channels & website interaction.

In Noha Nabil’s case, our close collaboration with their team is a game changer. Their digital knowledge and willingness to take feedback and implement it quickly on the website made our common learning curve very quick and efficient.

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