Regaining organic traffic for Almanea through strategic SEO optimization

Regaining organic traffic for Almanea through strategic SEO optimization
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Almanea, a leading electrical appliances seller in Saudi Arabia, suffered a drop in organic traffic after changing its CMS system. They have reached out to Acquisit to restore their lost traffic on their newly migrated website with a bespoke technical SEO strategy and improve their SEO performance in the long term.

Phase 1: Map 301 redirections

We applied 301 redirects from the old URLs to their corresponding destinations on the new website. This approach is crucial for transferring page authority and historical Google data, effectively minimizing the risk of losing visibility and rankings. By signaling to Google bots that these are updated versions of existing pages rather than entirely new ones, 301 redirects lay a solid foundation for our ongoing optimization efforts.

Phase 2: On-page SEO

We started by optimizing the tech actions of the website: we created a comprehensive sitemap, refined the robots.txt file, and ensured the staging site was properly blocked from search engines. We then laid the groundwork for our SEO strategy by establishing an action list based on priority and impact. We started by conducting thorough keyword research to guide our efforts.

Then we proceeded on content elements; where we created content for each product page title and description. In parallel, we established internal linking to connect relevant pages. Our main focus was on optimizing the website's structure to ensure every page maintained relevance and interconnectedness, essentially creating a comprehensive web of interlinked pages and content.

Phase 3: Content creation

We developed a strategy stemming from the insights gained from keyword research and aligned with Almanea's business objectives. This involved creating content on category and product pages to ensure relevance and optimization for targeted keywords.

When analyzing the impact of our SEO strategy, it is crucial to only consider non-branded terms, as branded keywords are heavily impacted by paid search, seasonality, and other advertising campaigns.


The combination of our technical & content strategies created an opportunity for the website to rank on non-branded highly searched terms and less reliant on branded terms. This can be evident in the below graph. 

60% of the previous traffic was recovered within the first two months, quickly showing significant results in our goal to restore their line presence.

Obviously, our results were impacted by the fluctuating seasonality, marked by White and Black Friday in November and then followed by a return to regular levels, which makes measuring the efficacy of our changes through traffic KPIs biased. Consequently, we prefer looking at the rankings evolution as they provide a more consistent measure. 

March, which encompasses the pre-Ramadan period, marks the sixth month of our collaboration and the best-ever month for Almanea regarding SEO, reaching similar levels to June 2023, their all-time peak: we achieved the highest and most favorable position to date in terms of non-branded traffic and keyword rankings, showing a significant accomplishment in our partnership.

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