Scaling creative testing to drive results for almatar

Scaling creative testing to drive results for almatar
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almatar, an Online Travel Agency in the Middle East, collaborated with Acquisit to improve their social media ad click-through rates (CTRs). With a high investment and a  monthly impression volume of over 300 million, increasing the CTR & pinpointing the factors influencing it was proved challenging. Before this test their average CTR on Meta & Snapchat ads was at 0.32%. Acquisit designed a scalable system to test creatives & get valuable insights.

The first step taken by Acquisit was to map out the attributes that could drive creative performance. After thorough studies the defined attributes were the image background, advertised airline, business selling points and call to action. The team developed creative combinations that encompassed multiple variations of these attributes which resulted in over 270 creative assets.

To ensure fair testing conditions, 20 assets were rotated on a weekly basis while maintaining a fixed budget to gather representative data. Acquisit also built a dashboard to monitor the performance of each creative attribute and track the overall performance of attribute combinations. This high-level overview provided valuable insights into the attributes that directly impacted CTR. The best-performing creatives were then moved to Always-on campaigns, while the attributes with the most significant impact on CTR were communicated to almatar’s creative team to guide future designs.

The Results

After two months of continuous testing, the team achieved significant improvements in Almatar's overall CTR. This enhancement led to a remarkable 63% increase in average monthly clicks generated through social channels. As a result, Almatar was able to enhance their media spend efficiency, generating more than double the sessions at a similar media cost.


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Table of content

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